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number 6

Numerology Number Meanings – Number 6 Results

People who have Number 6 as their birth number are those born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month. These people are influenced by this number if they are born in what is called the House of the 6th, which falls between 20th April to 20th – 27th May and from 21st September to 20th-27th October.
Introduction to Numerology

Kick Start Your Numerology Deep Dive – The Basics!

It is known that Egypt and Babylon were the earliest written records of Numerology are said to have evolved. Evidence also shows that the secret science of numerology is based on the foundation of correlation of any event on earth to a numeral or a numeral pattern.


Sun Square Pluto

What are the Effects of Sun Square Pluto?  As far as its effects are concerned, then it has some unsettling impacts on the love life...

Comprehensive Guide To The Zodiac And Tarot

Despite the almost hegemonic scepticism we find in modern society, humanity has not lost nor weakened its relationship with astrology - Largely because it plays such a fundamental role in shaping how we view the Zodiac and Tarot.

Elements, Qualities, And Polarities – Shame On Me!

Often overlooked - the Elements, Qualities and Polarities are an integral part of understanding the Zodiac. Collectively they make up the core definition of the Zodiac Signs themselves.

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