Sunday, September 12, 2021

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number 1

Numerology Number Meanings – Number 1 Results

People born under the Number 1 have the underlying capabilities of being creative, inventive, and definitive in their views. They are strong-minded, stubborn, and positive individuals
Numerology 222

Numerology 222 – Self, Self, Self

222 - A message from the Angles! Encountering this sequence of numbers works as subtle messages that, over time, we have learned to interpret for advice and even warnings.


Sun Square Pluto

What are the Effects of Sun Square Pluto?  As far as its effects are concerned, then it has some unsettling impacts on the love life...

The 12 Astrological Houses – Health, Wealth, Happiness

For the most part, everyone is aware of the concept of signs and planets in Astrology, but did you know that there are 12 Astrological Houses

A Delightful Insight – What is a Rising Sun?

Your Rising Sun, not the physical event, but the Astrological coordinates that tell what was the predominant sign/planet at the moment of your Birth.

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