If we were to summarize the meaning of the number 11 – it would be “Intuition.” That being said, no number is that simple, there is a multitude of purposes behind 11 and ways it can influence your life.

To better comprehend 11, I have compiled the following to make some sense of it all.

The Meaning of 11

high priestess tarot

When it comes to Tarot cards, 11 combines the High Priestess’s intuition with the leadership and creative skills of the Magician. This means that those born under the influence of the number 11 in one way or another are impeccable communicators.  

It’s more than just the gift of the gab or honey mouth – they can listen first, be active, and constructive in their retort with ease – unknowingly, they utilize every fiber of their being to achieve this.  

I wouldn’t go as far as to call them exclusive; however, to put it into perspective – in a group, they would be most likely to come up with new ideas and have a general sensitivity to the spiritual.

the magician

I would liken 11’s to an “Old Soul,” someone in contact with the higher meaning of life and can pass it on to others. As an 11, you are a great source of inspiration that allows others to achieve their full potential and expand their horizons.

11 bears high spiritual power, not only as a master number but as the root of all master numbers; it has a significant influence on the supernatural. People who bear this number in one way or another have a propensity for being psychics and other forms of mystical occupations.

What truly marks someone as an 11 is the maturity and ease with which you think about the world’s tremendous metaphysical knowledge.

A Master Number

As a master number, 11 has special spiritual significance, symbolizing spiritual intuition and insight, it is also attributed to supernatural abilities, higher sensitivity, empathy, and intelligence.

The significance of this number can vary according to the four positions on which it can be found on your Numerology chart. These being DestinyHeart’s DesirePersonality, and Life Path.

Destiny: The position of Destiny is calculated from the letters of your birth name, and if it arrives at 11, it means that you contain the potential to contribute significantly to the human race. More specifically, you would have the potential to substantially improve the world’s spirituality and see great results by working towards this goal.

Heart’s Desire: Your Heart’s Desire is calculated from your birth name’s vowels, and for it to be 11 means that your most significant goal is the attainment of enlightenment. This search for knowledge is not selfish, as it aims at bringing peace and harmony to the world through your charisma.

Personality:  The Personality position is calculated from the vowels in your name. When it is dominated by master number 11, it symbolizes the teacher inside you capable of handling and influencing people with ease. It also tends to indicate a specific spiritual emphasis on all your relationships and your ability to guide people in such matters.

Life Path: Your life path is calculated by arriving at the mathematical reduction of your birth date and symbolizes how events in your life tend to have a spiritual connotation. In other words, it means situations in your life tend to be resolved by following your intuition and often yield lessons that you can pass down.

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As a partner, 11 tends to value romance, and the slow and steady progression of feelings towards maturity.  

They tend to see no separation between physical and emotional connections and like to know their partners as much as possible before entirely handing over to the relationship. That’s not to say that 11’s adverse commitment; quite the opposite; their endeavors are geared towards meaningful involvement – I guess it’s about getting it right and not rushing into anything; maybe a little less risky?

To them, relationships are another vehicle to spiritual enlightenment. I think we could all learn from this. I feel that being genuinely committed with mutual reciprocation removes a multitude of worries from the table, and promotes focus, clearing a path to spiritual enlightenment. What do you think?


The number 11 has also been associated with those who appear to have been given a supernatural form of intuition, such as psychics, clairvoyants, and prophets.

Not all spiritual properties of the number 11 are flashy, though; they may also manifest as an affinity and a more comfortable understanding of metaphysical matters.

If you are an 11, you will find that the spiritual aspects that others strive for are already evident to you.  

Master Yourself

A master number often has to do more with the permanent patterns of reality and yourself than with anything happening on a more immediate plane.

It is a tool for knowledge of yourself, and in the case of 11 – it provides an answer as to why you are always able to place what you see in the greater scheme of things.

You can also transfer this significant meaning to others and enrich their spirituality as well as your own.

These gifts can manifest in a multitude of ways, and however, it has manifested in your life, be sure that you are exceptional for it.

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