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I’ve witnessed a multitude of emotions when The Devil card is drawn – It’s almost like the bottom has fallen out of the querents world. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Tarot symbols essential assist in the reader’s interpretation of the current situation; they are the conduit between the querent and our higher selves – a divine message or inspiration.

Deceptions Of Devils Tarot Card

Picture the scene – You are sitting at the table happily getting your free tarot reading and up in front of you jumps the number fifteen. Baphomet half man half goat; bat wings and an inverted pentagram on his forehead – scary stuff. Standing on a pedestal where there are a naked man and woman chained symbolizing his dominion – Doom, and Gloom, someone’s been a bad boy – BUT WAIT!

Before you run for the hills, we should take a closer look into the card. 

I must tell you that The Devil card is the most misunderstood cards you will find in the Major Arcana. First off, drawing this card doesn’t not, by any means, imply devil-worshipping. The card is more about human emotion, feelings, self-control, indulgence, personal struggles, and great achievement.

Ruling Planet Of The Devil Tarot Card

The Meaning of The Devil tarot card is often associated with the ruling planet of this card, Mars.

Mars is the planet that acts first and thinks later – Mars directs your sex drive, your aggression, your ambition, and your raw potential to overcome challenges

The Devil Tarot Card

Ruling Sign of The Devil Tarot Card

Capricorn is the ruling sign of The Devil card, and the Devil card is all about ambitions. 

The Devil card is also known to be synonymous with addiction and temptation. However, on the flip side, it can be a warning for someone who is being too restrained.

Perhaps someone who never lets himself or herself get passionate, messy, or wild referring to a form of self-enslavement.

Real Meaning Of The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil refers to the material and physical – money, erotic power, control, and powerful persuasion. The card is not necessarily saying that an individual is being a judge or scrutinized. That you are a slave to someone or something (an addiction) far from permanent, this is not a reflection on a life choice that can’t be changed. The important thing is to focus on the chains around the necks of the subjects. The chains are loose!

In many cases, we are enslaved because we allow it – not necessarily being held against our will.


The card represents entrapment and lack of fulfillment or that you prize materialism, indulgence, abundance, and luxury above all else; like an addiction


The card represents that light bulb moment when an individual can throw off their shackles, break the chains and detract themselves from the addiction of bad habits. Rigorous self-assessment is called for. 

Tarot Card The Devil

The Devils In The Details

The Devil card has more layers than an onion; don’t be afraid when drawing this card. Try not to let it set a tonne for the reading and make sure it summarised immediately.

Pay particular attention to the subjects at the front of the card and reflect on the chains. I liken the card to a wake-up call, time to get your sh*t together, often appearing when a change has been pondered for some time the querent will already know what has to be done. Its a blessing in disguise.

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