In this day and age, Astrology is generalized to – “what is your horoscope saying about your life,” people only check their horoscopes to check what will happen in their love life, finance, and everyday routine. However, Astrology is far more complicated and fascinating than horoscopes.

There are many energies in this world, and Astrology is an ancient practice that can allow an individual to learn a lot about him or herself.

Everyone is aware of the concept of signs and planets in Astrology, but did you know that there are 12 Astrological Houses in your Birth Chart, and each one of them represents an area of your life.

The energies and vibrations play a vital role in astrology, and every House is providing a space to the planet that they can act out their specific power. If you are confused by which House represents what scenario or situation? We can tell you that you need different energies and vibes for different areas of life, respectively, each of your Astrological Houses will be taken over by one of the twelve Zodiac signs in the subject’s Birth Chart.

The first six Astrological Houses represent the “personal houses” or, in other words, the houses that are dealing with the areas of one’s self. The rest of the six houses are said to be “interpersonal houses,” or the houses dealing with the matters of one’s connection to the world or their surroundings. These houses also determine one’s journey of development in life.

If you have a look at your Birth Chart, you will notice that there is a wheel that looks like a pie. You will further see overlapping slices. One slice is the 12 Astrological Houses that we will explain one by one in the article. Whereas the second overlapping slices set is 12 signs of Zodiac in your birth chart, and they are distinct for everybody. In short, whichever sign crosses over house slice will fall in is the sign that will rule that astrological House in the subjects Birth Chart houses.

You have to remember one thing – the houses are not “energies” like the planets or the elements. The Astrological Houses govern where such energies are more likely to be visible, either in oneself or surroundings. The knowledge of Astrological Houses will facilitate the understanding of the manifestation of powers in your life.

You should continually refer to your Birth Chart. You can calculate it by having your exact birth time, date, and place.

The 12 Astrological Houses are as follows.

First House – The House of Self:

Governed by Mars & Aries

As far as its representation is concerned, we should acknowledge that the “ascendant” forms the basis of all of your Astrological Houses. It is a representation of one’s self and describes “you” by all means. It also rules an individual’s self-image, meaning that one’s idea about the individual abilities, personality, and appearances.

How you perceive your capabilities and self.

Apart from that, it also tackles how a person projects his or her image to other people. You need to understand that this House governs the physical appearance. To summarize, the First House will cover all of your firsts in life – your first impression about yourself, another person, first appearance, new beginnings, initiatives, and leadership. You should know your rising sign.

It is vital to notice that any planets present in this First House will heavily influence your personality and how others perceive you.

Second House – The House of Finances and Value: 

Governed by Venus & Taurus

The Second House is Considered the most stressful.Iit plays a vital role in dealing with all things related to money.

Wealth, Earthly possession, the five senses – it deals with your attitude towards having or not having all these things. This House also tackles value, and by the value, we mean how important material items present themself to you. From a darker perspective, this determines if someone has issues with greed, facing financial hardship, or dealing with low-self-worth.

Third House – The House of Communication:

Governed by Gemini & Mercury

It is related to your communication skills and how you deal with others by communicating with them. You express yourself in verbal communication or by a virtual one to connect with other people. Situations are occurring around you – your interaction with neighbors, family, siblings. Gemini’s rules are fun, chatty, moody, and energetic and are the best at communicating. Alternatively, Mercury is all about small talk, gossips, and here say.

Fourth House – The House of Home:

Governed by Cancer & the Moon

Your family life or unit, all the matters going on at your home, are dealt with by this House. Moreover, it tackles issues such as security. By this, we mean literal and emotional security, also, in matters of real estate and parenting, especially in the context of motherly instincts and issues related to your ancestors or inherited.

It’s an energetic, mystical, and magical House that encompasses all kinds of curses, powers, and blessings from the ancestors.

Fifth House – The House of Pleasure & Creativity:

Governed by Leo & the Sun

Creative energy in your life is governed by this House, how you will attain pleasure, and its expression, which means how you are going to have fun. Hobbies and creative activities to make yourself happy. Covering would do to romance, casual sex, and love affairs. Considered as the House of “luck.”

Sixth House – The House of Health & Service

Governed by Virgo & Mercury

This House deals with all the service and work that you put throughout your life. It is all about your work ethics and how you provide service to others and what tasks you perform in everyday life.

Covering matters related to a healthy lifestyle include how you exercise, nutrition, diet, and self-improvement is going on.

Even your choices in terms of sleeping hours and clothes are addressed within it. Not to mention a governor of pets and animals because both of these can play an essential role in your lifestyle, health, and daily life.

Seventh House – The House of Partnerships:

Governed by Libra & Venus

Native perception of other people is the core of this House. This House governs every relationship, contractual or otherwise. Furthermore, it also regulates the negative associations, competitors, divorces, lawsuits, and enemies. You might have considered in life that legal issues are an approach here because Libra is one of the Zodiac signs representing justice. One-on-one relations are taken care of in this House.

Eighth House – The House of Transformation:

Governed by Scorpio & Pluto

It is said to be on the darker side, as it is ruling over death, wills, legacies, regeneration, taxes, sex, joint resources, bankruptcy, personal sacrifices, losses, alimony, clairvoyance, and inheritance. That is all heavy stuff, but yes, to summarize, the Eighth House is all about transformation.

The Eighth House Is likened to the “Death Card” in Tarot. It deals with endings, but on the other hand, addresses how the ends bring a new beginning. The organic or natural exchange of energies.

Try to focus on “personal growth” and the sacrifices made while you are facing crises.

Ninth House – The House of Big Ideas:

Governed by Sagittarius & Jupiter

The Ninth House is the philosophical House, any matter related to a belief system, religion, knowledge, and higher learning. In that, the Third House deals with the lower thought? This House is its opposite; it is more complicated.

Sagittarius governs the adventurous approach. It’s about traveling, a journey both related to religion, spirituality, and literal meaning. You can also talk about languages and culture. You can search for deeper purposes in life and deal with the more significant dreams than just being you.

Tenth House – The House of Public Image:

Governed by Capricorn & Saturn

This House is career-oriented and governs – reputation, social status, career, public image, and even one’s fame.

It is a house that represents authority, meaning to represent a “father figure” or how you are going to have paternal influence in your life. You have to look deeper into placements in such a House to better visualize your career and associated path.

Watch out for your tendency to observe yourself through the eyes of other people in society, and your mind can become thoughtful for your image and reputation.

Eleventh House – The House of Community & Friends:

Governed by Aquarius & Uranus

This House deals with organised groups, as in community, memberships, and working together in a society.

Also, the ruler of friendships, teamwork, and social justice. It represents one’s collective and long-lasting goals – Anything related to the advancement of humanity or how we turn fantasy into a reality.

The Eleventh House effected by the career path and energies of the Tenth House.

Twelfth House – The House of Secrets:

Governed by Neptune and Pisces

It is the most mystical and secretive House; you could say it is all about mysteries. The Twelfth House in the Zodiac represents endings as well as the evolution of one’s soul.

This House governs the secrets, dreams, sleep, and unconscious. Moreover, it delves deep into karma, shadow-self, trauma, sufferings, paranormal energies, surrender, and imprisonment. All the dark stuff makes it the most dangerous House; it highlights your unconscious self’s immense power.

You might be running from your past or past trauma, scaring you in your sleep; your unconscious self can easily manipulate your mental well-being – whether you have to acknowledge its existence or not.

The Twelfth House allows you to work on placements, and you can determine who you are. This House scratches all your hidden wounds.

Health, Wealth, Happiness

The 12 Astrological Houses of the Zodiac has it all; it hit me like a Greek Tragedy, an Insightful; Documentary, and modern-day Rom-Com all rolled into one. Powerful Stuff!

Taking a step back, I think it’s fair to say that it isn’t all doom and gloom – with further study, knowledge, and understanding will grow to facilitate a more accurate interpretation of the planets.

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  1. I love astrology. For about 10 years, I would look up my horoscope on websites, but I never dove in deep until a friend of mine did my chart last October. I had no idea astrology was so elaborate. I absolutely love it. Do you do charts?

  2. Hi Kristina – Thanks for your comments; I have done charts quite shambolically. I must add 🙂
    I’m still honing my skills and interpretations.

  3. I’m getting my birth chart now so I take a look at this. Fascinating stuff. Had never heard of astrological houses.

    • Hi Peter – that’s awesome; if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, I’d be more than happy to assist.

  4. I didn’t know anything about the Houses so this was a great read to become introduced to the Houses of Astrology!


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