Astrology – “the study of the movements and positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars in the belief that they affect the character and lives of people.”

Belief in the influence of heavenly bodies on our lives and history as a whole dates back to ancient Babylon, where it was the core of religion in that ancient Empire.

Associating the planet’s (which then included the Sun, Moon, and Stars) was common practice in such times, a custom shared by Rome, Greece, Egypt, and all other cultures that excelled in this field of knowledge.


Gods or not, it is a fact that for centuries Empires were ruled based on the reading of the sky and found success enough to transmit this knowledge forward in the history for us to use today.

Modern Astrology, although it shares much of this ancient wisdom, evolved to operate upon four concepts:

  • The Planets (including the Sun and the Moon)
  • The Zodiac
  • The Aspects

The Planets

Do not confuse the astronomical definition of a planet with the astrological one; the first is a name given to a body of significant mass that orbits a star, the second is the name given to the “moving stars” as those that came before we called them. That is all astral bodies that seem to move across the earth sky. They are the seven heavenly bodies that ancient Babylonian, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans observed in their night sky.

It is because of the Romans that the planets have their current names, Jupiter the God-King, Mars the God of War that appeared red with blood and fury, Venus the Goddess of beauty, and so on.

In modern Astrology, each of them represents different energy that composes both you, the forces that drive you, and the surrounding universe.

Here is how that goes:

Sun – Much like it is the centre of the solar system, the Sun is also your centre, the very core of who you are, your conscious, your ego.

Moon – Ever changing and mutating is the Moon, much like human emotions and the sub-conscious that it represents.

Mercury – Though commonly associated with commerce, Mercury is the God of communication and eloquence, virtues carried over to its modern interpretation along with reason and intellect.

Venus – Love, art and beauty in all its forms, such is the domain of Venus, it also extends to more abstract things like harmony.

Mars – Despite the connection with aggression, Mars covers most forces guided by impulse such as sex, courage and competition.

Jupiter – Largest of heavenly bodies is Jupiter, Lord of plenty, which governs expansion growth, luck and understanding.

Saturn – Wearing its crown Saturn is the symbol of law discipline and duty, order and structure is its realm of influence.

Uranus – Chaos to the order of Saturn, Uranus represents change eccentricity, rebellion, and reformation, which can be well seen through its irregular orbit.

Neptune – Dark and mysterious, Neptune is the unknown, dreams and mysticism are its realm, as well as imagination.

Pluto – Last of the bodies and the farthest from the Sun, Pluto is a symbol for death, rebirth and transformation.


The Zodiac And Its Houses

Zodiac On Globe

Now, if the planet’s in Astrology are moving, the Zodiac is the map that tracks their movements, more specifically, their movement about the Earth.

To understand the Zodiac, we have to keep in mind that from someone who does not know the Earth’s position in the solar system, all planet’s (including Sun and Moon) seem to orbit around us. 

Besides, the actual order of the solar system is not that important for Astrology as its focus is the influence of the cosmos over Earth specifically.

The Zodiac, therefore, is a map of the planet’s trajectory in our sky, and Natal Astrology is the reading of their position with each other at the moment of your birth.

Because the Sun and Moon “move” in the sky along a set ecliptic – its possible to calculate within a minimum deviation of 8 centimeters, and draw a map of this path.

This circular map is what we call the Zodiac, and it is divided into twelve different houses, each named after a separate constellation and representing the path traveled by the Sun within a month.

The Aspects

Of course, the Planets are not just hanging around, taking turns to leap across the sky, they all move simultaneously, and their position with each other affects the overall balance between them.

Due to a large number of heavenly bodies, this can become quite complex, which is why the aspects exist, they provide a mathematical measurement of the planets.

The Zodiac being conveniently circular has 360 degrees, when planets are aligned along with angles of 0, 60, 90, 120, or 180 degrees apart, they are in “Major Aspect,” which have more significant influence.


The aspects are the main factor in determining whether their energy will manifest positively or negatively and the object of careful study for astrologers. Still, none should be feared or hated, as the modern consensus is that they all can be used constructively.

Pay attention to this term: “Used”.

The Aspects are only where the action is unless you actively choose to act upon them, they will not affect.

Now, all of that is fascinating, but how does this apply to your daily horoscope?

To be born under a particular birth sign is to be born under a certain astral condition where the planets are on specific aspects, the central premise of Astrology is that their position will affect the forming of your personality and to a certain extent, your fate.

The astrologer uses this information to make a chart of your main planet, which translates into a map of your future, both in fate and chance.

When your planet is dominant, so will you dominate life, but likewise, when it struggles, you will struggle as well.

Mind Blown

We’ve only just scratched the surface – This is the fundamental nature of Astrology, and on further articles, we will cover each of these subjects in greater detail, so be sure to have a look! If, however, there are specific topics, please let me know in the comments or ping me an email.

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  1. I’ve become quite interested in astrology over the last year. I had no idea that the Romans named our planets! I swear they didn’t teach us that in school, or if they did, I don’t remember. I need to pay more attention to when my planet is dominate. I’ve been feeling very off lately and I have a feeling it’s because my planet is “off” as well.

  2. Astrology is such a fascinating subject. A few years back I used to think that it was all strange and fake because everything I had heard about astrology was coming from people who did not really understand what it is. Now I am doing my own research and have discovered a lot of things that have made me fall in love with astrology. I wonder how many people never bother to check the things they hear about this topic and others.

    • I wonder too. I was one of those people that believe what others told them without checking for themselves but not anymore. I’ve heard so many half truths or downright lies that I’ve decided to just do my own research before I choose to believe something. Astrology is amazing and yes, the planets influence our behavior. It might be hard to believe for some but this is the truth and once you know it you can pay attention and you’ll see how certain planets may give you a positive boost while others will make things much harder. Knowing what to expect and when makes things more manageable.

  3. I’ve always heard people talk about the planets (regarding the astrology), particularly my best friend. I had no idea what she was talking about. I don’t remember her talking about Neptune or Pluto much though, I’ll have to ask her why she never mentions them, lol.


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