What are the Effects of Sun Square Pluto?

 As far as its effects are concerned, then it has some unsettling impacts on the love life or personal relationships, and the reason behind it is its intense nature.

Their level of agitation starts to rise, which results in a threat to other essential feelings. Often you get into a situation where the battles for control occur with influential and authoritative figures.

If you feel like there is a need for more harmony in any relationship, you must go through a significant transformation in your behavior. But you might experience the never-ending battles and experiences, but they are there to encourage you to evolve to another level of consciousness. 

It is not easy, but you can learn a lot about it, such as letting things go without dominating, probing, or controlling.

 This transformation will go to a relaxed attitude, but you might be experiencing crises or darkness in your life until then. You might experience, fear of the dark or fascinate you, fear of death, losing control. As far as your personal sex life is concerned, you might be living out some secret taboos. 

But, all of this is just an addition and steps towards your transformation. While you are sacrificing, you need to have control over situations. Keep in mind that pain and sufferings are a characteristic of Sun square Pluto. We would suggest that you should never success to be sacrificed in life. 

You have to channel your intensity, turn it into determination and contribute towards hard work. When you are ambitious, you should avoid competing, which will allow you to have authority and power.

Sun Square Pluto Transit:

If you are not aware of the transitional phase, we would like to explain to you that when sun square Pluto transit is taking place, it enhances your need to stay in control. But, keep in mind that it can lead to ego issues and conflicts. When you are in a crisis or conflict in this phase, it can result in destructive behavior. Such challenges might push you in a corner, and you will be left with only two options either defend yourself and your position or try to bring a significant change. 

You will go through some intense experiences that are going to trigger deeply buried psychological issues, affecting your mental health. These issues can be in the form of fear, being abused, prosecuted, or torture. These are your deeply rooted fears that are a part of your past life but will be connected to your present.

To feel less threatened, you have to increase the ability to let things go, and it will happen when you have gained the consciousness of the reasons. Your transformation has to be giving rebirth to your inner power.

Celebrities with the same personalities:

Dirk Bogarde 0°19′

Gerardus Mercator 0°50′

Jean Henri Fabre 1°28′

Tiger Woods 2°41′.

Joanna Lumley 1°07′

Leonardo da Vinci 1°26′

Maya Angelou 0°11′

Moses Annenberg 0°22′

Omar Sharif 0°34′

Pat Nixon 0°35′

Peter Finch 0°39′

Ricky Martin 0°23′

Robert Schumann 0°15′

Sally Field 0°08′

Steffi Graf 0°28′

Thomas Watt Hamilton 0°29′

Dates for the Sun Square Pluto:

13 April 2019

13 October 2019

14 April 2020

15 October 2020

16 April 2021

17 October 2021

18 April 2022

19 October 2022

Characteristics of Sun Square Pluto:

The personalities that are born under the sun square Pluto have different energy and intensity. Their characteristic includes self-knowledge and transformation of their personalities psychologically, and both of these are their goals. Another thing is that ego is associated with the transformative Pluto, and these people go through many phases of self-renewal. They tend to submit their selves to various periods of intense self-analysis.

One of their most intense characteristics is that they can read between the lines, they have this ability to read people immediately. This allows them to experience an intense level of existence, but it can sometimes turn into negativity and darkness. These personalities are always uncovering and discovering the truth. Whenever any other planet challenges this aspect, then this truth can turn in to biasness and towards negativity.

Another point is that these personalities are obsessed with proving a point, especially when something is wrong. They keep on exploring if things are not like as they appear, and it becomes a matter of ego for them. This explains their trait of being self-destructive because they dig into such situations and scenarios. They fear that something is wrong, or they are being taken benefit of, or they feel that someone is lying to them. They refuse to accept the thing at face value, and they mistrust others.

Sun-Pluto personalities don’t agree to expressions such as something you don’t know will not hurt you. They dig into things; they are obsessed with making a point, and what they don’t know will hurt them. After knowing it, they might get over it; it hurts them when they know the truth. When things seem too good to be true, it annoys them that they keep digging into negativity.

If you are a sun square Pluto, then we are sure that this writing piece was helpful for you, and it will help you deal with things. You should take care of the fact that you are not digging into too much negativity and try to avoid things that are going to make you self-destructive.

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