This section is essential for those seekers who have asked me some specific questions regarding Tarot Facts and Fiction – I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, covering the most commonly asked questions I get during Readings.

Let’s begin:

What is Tarot and how does it work?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with images on them, and the earliest known deck dates back to early 1400. A Tarot is a metaphysical tool, and it allows you to explore questions and issues from a different or new perspective and understanding. Your World Tarot Reader will layout the cards for you (a spread) and provide you with information, based on your cards and your question.

  • What can Tarot do?

The Tarot can provide you with information you may have otherwise missed, or been unaware of. It can give you insights to questions and issues and help provide you with a sense of direction. Readers don’t make decisions for you. We use the Tarot to provide you with information so you can make your own decisions. Each individual controls their destiny, and the individual is responsible for their own choices.

  • Is Tarot Readings less Psychic?
tarot facts and fiction

The short answer is no.

Tarot is one of the original and most potent psychic mediums. Of course, some people who have not been trained in the psychic field can try to do a tarot reading by looking up meanings in a book. These readings can often become dull and impersonal because the written purposes of the card by themselves may often not fit the situation.

It is the psychic or intuitive interpretation of the tarot cards which make the card come alive with meaning. Only through psychic and intuitive understanding can a tarot reading be accurate and meaningful for the client.

  • Can Tarot cards predict my future?

Particular tarot Spreads can connect with the flow or pattern of how events or issues are likely to unfold. A six-month spread, for example, will show a card for the next six-months. Each card represents the issues, challenges, and events that may shape that month.

However, it is always important to remember that you are still free to choose and shape your destiny. A tarot reader can provide you a map, but you have to choose which road to follow.

  • What if a Tarot reader draws out a negative card?

The simple answer to this is that there are no negative cards.

I’ve seen some anxious looks when I’ve picked out the Death or Hermit cards. It’s important to remember that the tarot card is symbolic, not literal.

The Death Card, for example, is a powerful omen of change and rebirth. A death card is about cleansing away the old energies and letting go of past hurts. Each card is personal to each person in each reading. Never assume that a card means something until the psychic interpretation comes forth from the reader.

  • How did you become a Tarot reader? Does it run in your family, did you teach yourself?

I’ve met a few tarot readers who are incredibly proud of the Tarot lineage and can date Readers to day dot. I, for one, had a few family members that dabbled, but for the most part, I was self-taught. I feel that learning anything new is a voyage of self-discovery – a Reader’s intuition and love for Tarot comes across during there readings and with time confidence. Don’t dismiss Tarot because you don’t own a Deck that your great, great Granny owned or you’re the seventh son of the seventh son – grab a Deck and develop your style.

Hope This Has Helped

A Tarot reading could be just what you need to shed light on your present situation and to offer hope and assist with choices moving forward. I’ve met some extraordinarily exciting people doing or disusing Tarot. I sometimes feel that it’s the perfect catalyst to open up, rant, or get something off your chest – An opportunity to work through a problem with someone else through the medium of Tarot. Moreover, I can’t stress enough that I’m far from accomplished and very much still in the development stage. I’ll continue to do Tarot as long as it continues to be fun. 

Tarot acts as a mirror, reflecting our own deeper awareness to the conscious mind. The Tarot illuminates, affirms, surprises, and offers guidance. A Tarot reading is particularly compelling during times of confusion or transition and can be a great source of inspiration and empowerment 🙂

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  1. I was always so confused by tarot cards… so it DOES have to do with the reader using psychic intuition… interesting. I had a tarot reading last year on skype but I don’t think the lady was psychic.


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