Tarot Shuffle

In this article, I will cover the cards and how to shuffle them.

I hope that by the time you finish reading, you’ll have a better understanding of shuffling and its significance.

Tarot Card Shuffling

Before shuffling the Tarot Cards, take a moment to reflect and relax – reading tarot is all about perception. In this state, your instinct will help you choose the perfect cards for your situation. I try to focus on my breathing until I’m completely relaxed. Try to prioritize your breath above any external distractions.

Now, you are ready to shuffle the Tarot deck. If you are using a new deck or a deck previously used by someone, you need to override any residual energy so that nothing impedes the clarity of the current reading. Several simple cleansing practices can be completed post-reading to remove these.

This phenomenon is known as clearing the tarot deck.

Shuffling is the only thing which Nature cannot undo – Arthur Eddington.

Types of Shuffle

Shuffling of the deck is not as tricky as it seems. In general, there are four types of tarot deck shuffling such as:

Overhand Shuffling

It is the most common method of tarot deck shuffling, even in game play or fortune-telling. In this way, you hold the deck in one hand and use other hands to shuffle the tarot cards from one side to the other side of the deck.

Cut The Deck Method

In this method, you cut the deck into different piles and then bring those piles together. You repeat the process by changing the order of piles again repeatedly until you are happy.

Casino Style Method

In this method, you cut the deck into two piles and then fan one pile into another. Just keep in mind that you have to be gentle while shuffling your Oracle cards in casino-style because they are fragile and can be prone to be damaged.

Messy Pile Shuffling

How To Shuffle Tarot 4 simple techniques

I use this method, I think it makes for better reading. In this way, you lay the tarot card face-down on the floor or table and then spread it by using your hand in a big messy pile and bringing the tarot cards back into one pile.

I follow up with an Overhand Shuffle – I feel it promotes the occurrence of reverse cards; giving an even spread.

Things To Consider while Shuffling

To shuffle cards successfully, there are a few essential elements that you need to keep in mind.

  • You should shuffle the cards.
  • Be careful not to put any weight on the cards while you’re shuffling – this is a sweeping statement, I’ve purchased some cheap cards in the past, and the got damaged easily. I think its key to be conscious of the fragility.
  • Once you’ve finished shuffling the cards, you want to be sure that the cards are correctly laid out.

Every Day I’m Shuffling

I think like most Tarot practices, its key to find the one that’s suites you; as the majority of my Tarot related posts, these are guidelines and by no means set in stone.

I try to mix my shuffle up a bit; maybe try one or more combinations. I feel it makes for a better reading, a kind of organized chaos – you will know when the cards are ready.

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