If you have just started reading Tarot, then you might not know how to Cleanse Tarot Cards. Certainly. For me – it was some time before I had grasped the concept. The most significant contributor factor was my lack of awareness; I had no idea about the processes, that they even existed – oblivious! I’ve discussed this topic with several Readers, all of which have their preferred methods.

To Cleanse Tarot Cards is and essential part of reading, for conserving positive energy and removing any residual negativity

In this article we will summarise the methods available.

When Does your Deck Need to be Cleansed?

To summarise, when you purchase a new deck or if someone else has used your deck – you need to cleanse. In other words, when you feel that something is not right with your cards, something needs to change. The following conditions are when you most likely feel the need to cleanse tarot cards:

quartz crystal
  • When someone has used or touched your cards.
  • When you have bought a new tarot deck.
  • When you have done a particularly exhausting tarot reading.
  • When your cards have been in an idle state or not used for some time.
  • When your tarot cards have been exposed to negative energy (Example: reading for a contrary client or fortune-telling in some challenging situation)
  • When you feel unclear about your tarot reading.
  • When your tarot cards have fallen on the floor while shuffling or reading.

In all the above states, you need to cleanse your cards in order to re-connect.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards?

There are several techniques to cleanse your cards and eliminate negativity – Choose the method that suits you best.

Shuffling & Sorting

In this method, you need to start sorting your cards first with Major Arcana, followed by the Minor Arcana. While sorting your cards, always keep looking at your cards and re-call its actual interpretation in tarot reading – almost like willing them to cleanse. Once you’ve sorted your cards, then you need to shuffle. I recommended you opt for a messy pile shuffling technique and or choose a method that better connects yourself with the cards.

  • Meditation

In this method, begin by closing your eyes and hold the tarot deck in both hands, and relax. Try to free yourself from any negative thoughts promoting universal energy; it will be drawn to you and your cards.

This technique is popular among many professional tarot readers.

Moon Bath
  • Moon Bath

The full moon is a fantastic energy source for you and your cards. Really simple – all you need is to place your card near the window when there is a full-moon for Moon Bathing.

  • Salt Burial

Salt is another excellent source for drawing out negative energy from your tarot cards – much like you would use salt to draw out moisture from food items. Firstly, you need to wrap your tarot cards in a plastic wrap then put it in an airtight w. Now, place that container in a jar surrounded by salt. Let your cards remain buried in salt for a few days to eliminate all negative energy.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards
  • Fresh Air

After rain or even in the hotness of the sunshine, place your tarot cards outside. This will take in the air and draw forth the cleansing rays.

  • Smudge Stick

I like this technique – I think it provides a more ritualistic vibe. I’m positive my cards sparkle after this cleanse. With this method, you need to burn some dried rosemary and pass the tarot deck through the smoke several times.

What Next?

So – you have correctly cleansed your cards; what now? You should take some precautionary measures to keep them clean for a more extended period, such as:

  • Wrap your tarot cards in a specially dedicated cloth or a tarot box.
  • Always try to keep your cards with a quartz crystal.


I have to admit; that, in the beginning, I was a bit obsessed about keeping my cards clean. The slightest thing would call for a full-on cleansing ritual. Nowadays, I do my best to catch those Moon Bath moments, get plenty of air to the cards, and keep a quartz crystal along with the cards in my card pouch. You will know when your cards are a bit off – use any of the techniques that best suite your lifestyle.

I’ve had some right funny looks when I’ve cracked open the sage, with some funky smells wafting over the fence. Keep it simple, but keep them cleansed; get into the habit of cleansing after readings, and don’t stress over it – job done 🙂

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