I don’t even know if this will truly qualify as a review; I loved all the teas I tried and literally had one discrepancy.

Over the past three months, I’ve bought around five teas, bearing in mind the objective was to find a loose leaf tea that I can use for Tasseomancy. However, it got a bit out of hand; I got right into the ritual of making and preparing the tea, China cups, and saucers the whole 9 yards.

I started with the three brands presented below and set some definitive boundaries as to how I would mark them, good, bad, or indifferent. Keeping it simple

  • Price
  • The average number of cups per purchase
  • Taste
  • Reading – did the leaves give me shapes to work with?

All of the brands tasted amazing; I enjoyed them all. As for reading, the Golden Monkey Tea is the only leaf I haven’t done a reading with, so I had to mark it down.

The short answer is all of the brands will do the job. If I had to pick a winner, the Harney & Sons English Breakfast Black Tea would come out on top purely for value and cups per purchase.

Even if you just love a good cup of tea have a look, the selections are vast and the delivery was a breeze.

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