Humans have always been inspired and intrigued by the unknown and have searched for answers in Nature’s laws to master such studies. The ancient people, together with the Chaldeans and Egyptians, were known to be the absolute masters of the occult or hidden meaning of numbers. Masters of such studies transmitted their knowledge to their descendants but strove to hide their secrets from the common man.

It is known that Egypt and Babylon were the earliest written records of Numerology are said to have evolved. Evidence also shows that the secret science of Numerology is based on the foundation of correlation of any event on earth to a numeral or a numeral pattern. Everything, whether it be an alphabet, a word, an idea, or even an event, is closely associated with a corresponding numerical value.

Just like many other ancient philosophies, where numerology originated from and how it came to be is an excellent mystery to date. However, it is known that Egyptians and Chaldeans were the absolute masters of the occult or hidden meaning of numbers when it came to their application to time and in their relation to human life. Evidence also shows that numerology was used thousands of years ago in Rome, China, Greece, as well as Japan. With time, the truth that had been discovered by the ancient masters became lost and was buried in the dust of superstition and charlatanism.

It must also not be forgotten that Hindus discovered what is known as the procession of the Equinoxes. Based on their calculation, such an occurrence takes place every 25,827 years. Today, after labors of hundreds of years, modern science has simply proved them to be correct. How the ancient people arrived at such a calculation is still a mystery, yet to be discovered. Observations that last over such a period are hardly appropriate, and calculation without instruments is also scarcely conceivable. Today, science has been able first to accept their statement, and it has now been able to acknowledge its accuracy.


Their judgment, which was handed to us from the most remote ages, has now been proved correct with the help of modern techniques. When it comes to the study of numbers 1 to 9, they are known to be the basis of all our numbers and calculations. This is very similar in correlation to the seven harmonies of music that form the basis of all music ever to have been conceived.

The Basics of Numerology

The science of numerology is quite complicated and requires a master numerologist for detailed and accurate readings. The practice itself lies in the belief that a person’s name and birth date have a significant impact on who they are, in terms of their personality, their weaknesses, their talents, as well as their emotional behaviors. Similar to the science of astrology, the teachings of numerology associate absolute numbers with specific traits, which offer insights into a person’s personality.

The numerology that is practiced today is based on the teachings of the brilliant mathematician and ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. He believed that the physical world we live in comprises the energetic vibrations of numbers. However, this does not mean that you need to be a mathematician or a philosopher to be able to understand numerology. All you will need is a paper and pen, and a basic calculator to start understanding the mystical properties of numerology.

What is the Philosophy behind Numerology

rsLife the fundamental premise of numerology. The universe, as a whole, is the orderly system. The numbers, therefore, reflects that orderliness. Numbers are, through definition, systematic. Whenever a question of numerology raises, the same dilemma that faces us when we come across more significant issues in life is the same thing we experience in it.

The question one asks is if there are order and meaning to life or whether three questions can only answer its just a chaotic and random universe.

  1. That the universe is a chaos and randomness ruled
  2. That this universe is infinitely orderly.
  3. And both orderliness and randomness exist.

By randomness, it means that there is no order or rather a broader meaning. By such, it means that chance events, therefore, rule the universe. It also implies that there are no laws that govern the world. However, these premises are known to be untrue because the natural sciences like biology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry are usually based on orderliness and even predictability to the natural law. Furthermore, If the ruling of the universe were through unpredictable events, then no suitable structure would be on it.

The Significance of Number 7 and Number 9

Those having an interest in numerology must be aware of the importance given to the number 7. For ages, number 7 has been regarded as the “number of mysteries relating to the spiritual side of things.” Similarly, number 9 is considered to be the “finality of the series on which all our materialistic calculations are built.” Beyond this number, all numbers become a mere repetition of the first nine numbers.

Taking a few examples to explain this, the number 10 becomes a repetition of number 1 as 0 is not a number. Similarly, number 11 adds to the number 2 using the law of ‘natural addition’ when adding the digits together from left to right. Moving forward, number 12 repeats 3, 13 repeats 4, 14 repeats 5, and so on, all the way up to 19, which becomes 1 plus 9 equals 10, which is again a repetition of number 1. Going on, 20 represents 2, 21 represents 3, and so on to infinity. Thus, it is seen that the numbers 1 to 9 form the base of numerology. Moreover, it must also be noted that in sacred books like the Bible, ‘seven’ always stood concerning the spiritual or mysterious God force.

In the Book of Genesis, which is an account of the creation of the world, ‘seven’ holds great importance. The seven heavens are often referred to as the seven thrones, the seven seals, the seven churches, and the seven days, when on the ‘seventh day,’ the walls fell before that ‘mysterious God force.’ The number seven is also significant in so many other ways, such as there are precisely seven generations from David to the birth of Christ, the seven spirits of God that are sent forth to this earth, the seven angels of the Lord that go to and fro through the whole earth.

Even if we examine the number 7 in every class of occult teaching, whether it be Greek, Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian, Hebrew, or any other school, you will find that the quality of number 7 stands for the expression of that mysterious God force in Nature. Ancient rules of occult philosophy also lay down the rule that only number 7 is capable of dividing the ‘number of Eternity.’ 

Calculate Your Life Path Number

To calculate your Life Path Number, you will reduce each component of your date of birth to a single number. For example, if your birthday is November 6, 1982, then you will convert the date to digits and add it up individually until you get a single number.

November is the 11th month which is reduced to 1+1=2

Your date of birth is reduced to 0+6=6

Your year of birth 1982 is reduced to 1+9+8+2=20, which is again reduced to 2+0=2

When you add the numbers for the reduced month, date, and year, you will arrive at 2+6+2=10 which is reduced to 1+0=1

This means that your Life Path Number is 1.

If the final number you attain is either 11 or 22, then they are not reduced to the last digit as they considered as Master Numbers. These numbers suggest a high degree of success and achievement, as well as learning.

Calculate Your Destiny Number

Once you have calculated Your Life Path Number, you next need to find your Destiny Number. This number is derived from names or words. Each alphabet corresponds to a numerical value which is given below:

1 represents A, J, S

2 represents B, K, T

3 represents C, L, U

4 represents D, M, V

5 represents E, N, W

6 represents F, O, X

7 represents G, P, Y

8 represents H, Q, Z

9 represents I, R

Based on the number representing each alphabet of your name, such as Vincent Casey, you will achieve to the final number 4+9+5+3+5+5+2=33 which represents 6 and 3+1+1+5+7=17 which represents 8

Secret Power Of Your Name
Numerology 5

Adding 6 and 8 gives us 14 (1+4=5) – 5 is my  Destiny Number.

In numerology, your Life Path denotes your greater purpose in life, whereas your Destiny Number represents how you will express your greater goals.

The Single Numbers 1 to 9

Similar to the fact that there are nine planets in our Solar System, there are only nine numbers by which all the calculations on this earth are made. Any number beyond the number 9 will be a repetition of the numbers 1 to 9 as they are reduced to a single figure when naturally adding them from left to right. The final single number you get is referred to as the ‘spirit or soul’ number. Based on these numbers, you can interpret the real meaning and purpose of your Life Path Number and Destiny Number you calculated earlier.

Number 1 forms the basis of all life and represents creativity, individuality, positivity, independence, and leadership capabilities. Those born under the Birth Number 1 are known to be creative, inventive, and strong individuals who are definite in their views. These people are ambitious and always rise to the top, no matter their profession or occupation. They have the desire to become heads of whichever business they are part of and are often respected and looked upon by their subordinates.
2 Number 2 people are sensitive and gentle by nature. This number is also linked to balance and harmony and is visible in traits such as compassion and kindness. Number 2 persons are also romantic, and if this number appears as the Life Path Number or Destiny Number of an individual, it will be visible as subtle energy shifts and emotional nuances in the individual’s life. Some of the chief faults of such persons are to guard against restlessness. They should strive to be in peaceful surroundings. Otherwise, they get sad and melancholy.
3 Number 3 plays an important role in both Numerology and Astrology and is known to be the essence of creation. People born under the Birth Number 3 are highly ambitious, and they aim to rise in the world. They are never satisfied when in a subordinate position and are also known to be quite moody. They are excellent at giving commands and working at a position of authority. They love order and discipline in everything, and they often look for moments to reset, restore, and recharge themselves.
4 People born under the Birth Number 4 are known to be hardworking, practical, and responsible individuals. However, these people naturally take a different view of anything that is presented to them. They appear to view everything from an opposite angle and often make a significant number of secret enemies due to their rigid and stubborn nature. These people also do not make friends easily and are likely to become despondent and melancholy unless they have achieved success. They make very few real friends and often take the role of an ‘under-dog’ in any argument.
5 Number 5 people make friends quickly and have an adventurous and progressive nature. They are quick in their thinking and decision-making skills and are known for their playful, impulsive, and vivacious spirit. These people are also highly strung mentally and are known to crave excitement. They also have a keen sense of making money and often delve into methods of making money quickly. They are born speculators, ready to take risks, and often find it difficult to accept life’s day-to-day responsibilities.
6 People who have 6 as their Birth Number have a highly magnetic personality and are often loved and worshipped by those under them. These people are highly determined in carrying out their plans and are also known for their supportive, nurturing, and dynamic nature. Known as true healers, they can solve problems and help others using a straightforward and gentle approach. They have a strong sense of responsibility and care genuinely for their family and loved ones. Their caretaker spirit and display of soft tenderness allow them to communicate with children and animals easily. However, their protective energy can sometimes be controlling and domineering in relationships. When abundant, they love to entertain and make everyone around them happy. They also have the power to make more friends than people born under any other number.
7 Known as the detectives of numerology, people born under Number 7 are known for their analytical skills and investigative abilities. These people are highly detail-oriented, and their keen eye makes them shrewd observers. They are a bit of perfectionist and quickly find flaws in almost any system. Their investigative nature leads them to assume fault often. This is why they need to use an open mind to counterbalance their inherent skepticism. Being restless by nature, they love to travel and are highly independent. People born under the Birth Number 7 make outstanding writers, poets, and painters.
8 Number 8 people are often misunderstood in their lives, which is why they feel intensely lonely at heart. When it comes to numerology, this number is linked to financial success and material wealth. People born under this Birth Number are ambitious and goal-oriented. Their natural magnetism allows them to assume positions of leadership effortlessly. These people race up to the top of the ladder of success and achieve extraordinary heights. However, the areas of power these people reach come with great responsibility. They become highly possessive in nature and control. These people often aim for government responsibility of some kind and use their success to help others. The number 8 represents the symbol of ‘human justice.’
9 The final single digit of numerology, the Number 9 has some unique properties. Number 9 persons have great courage, and they make excellent leaders. These people are independent and impulsive and desire to be their masters. They are not afraid to transform and strongly resent criticism. They usually have difficult times in their early years but reach success in the later years of life due to their strong will, grit, and determination. When it comes to organization, they exceed expectations and are also known to be resourceful. People born under this number are considered to be the fortunate ones. Number 9 is the number of force, energy, and destruction, and represents iron, which is used to create weapons of war. When this number is multiplied by any other number, it reproduces itself, which symbolizes that it can never be destroyed. The number is considered to be a lucky number to be born under.

Counting On You

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  1. OMG! I had no idea that Pythagoras believed that the physical world we live in comprises the energetic vibrations of numbers! Why isn’t this taught in schools? We just learn about a few things great men and women have discovered but the biggest truths are not known. Why? I can’t believe I used to hate math and Pythagoras and now, the more I read the more I’m loving it.

  2. How does one become a master numerologist? I am just getting into numerology and I’ve always been attracted to numbers. I would love to learn even more. This was a great overview. What if you have always been attracted to a certain number? I’ve always been attracted to the number 3. Does this have any significance in numerology or does numerology only deal with your date of birth?


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