Sun Conjunt Venus

Straight off the bat – Sun Conjuncts Venus individuals love to be loved. The Sun is a representation of our vitality and our conscious ego. The Sun represents the self and its expressions; it brings about a creative force that can be transcribed to all walks of life. In short, creative impulse, strength, and vitality.

The conjunct aspects occur while both the Sun and Venus travels alongside under the same Zodiac Sign. They are amplifying each of their specific characteristics.

On the flip side, Venus – denotes self worth, relationships and compatibility

It’s all go – people born during Sun Conjunct Venus are lovers; have impeccable taste, graceful and charming; well-liked people and noticeably attractive.

By the inherent nature of both Sun and Venus. These individuals struggle in prioritizing the pursuit of their personal goals and enjoying their relationships. Social chameleons- individuals born under Sun Conjuncts Venus strive for tranquility. They adapt their behavior to please others and evade dealing with issues indefinitely.

What is the meaning of Sun Conjunct Venus?

A conjunction of two planets merges their energies, traits, and characteristics, and the intensity becomes double. In the case of the Sun and Venus, only semi-sextile and semi-square aspects are possible astronomically.

The maximum distance between the two planets, the Sun, and Venus is 48 degrees. The conjunction of Sun and Venus brings an optimistic and cheerful spirit. This allows the personalities to enjoy the pleasures of life and their social interactions.

These personalities tend to like receiving attention, especially from their family, friends, or new acquaintances. For that purpose, they act in a specific way attracting that attention.

These personalities need to be careful not to excessively compromise their feelings and thoughts to stay social and acceptable. You are looking for recognition, which is worth it and is related to your talents, personality, and qualities. As you mature, you will start enjoying the company of those who appreciate you as a person. I think it’s about finding the balance.

Characteristics of Sun Conjuncts Venus born


I’m a lover, not a fighter – in other words, these individuals tend to avoid conflicts and disputes. So when they have to deal with nasty people, ugly environments, and situations that are threatening to them. They will prioritize avoiding it instead of fighting back. Bystanders automatically flock to them as they display a caring and loving attitude.

If you are one of those who have Sun Conjunct Venus in their birth chart – I’m confident in the following; you LOVE to shop; window shopping is not an option you in this for the hunt; impressive bartering skills and an eye for a bargain – oniomania? Not necessarily but certainly at ease with spending. You know exactly how to spend, save, work with money (however you want to dress it) and live a comfortable life – writers, dancers fashion designs many artistic fields are full of such personalities.

They believe that all people should share the love and create an environment in which peace, love, and harmony can prevail. They want everyone to live harmoniously and avoid conflicting situations.

On the flip side, there can be a negative outcome where a shadow is cast upon relationships that become stale as the need for depth arises. Ordinarily, Sun Conjuncts Venus individuals perform grand romantic gestures and are great at “being in love.” However, the premise by which they arrive at this stage in the relationship can be attributed to their ability to give love but hampered by their need to receive respect, attention, admiration, and recognition.

Coupled with their excellent looks can often attract the wrong type, or are easily swept off their feet by elaborate demonstrations of love. It can make for a toxic situation if the very foundation of the relationship is based on the want for attention and indeed love from another – often giving in to demanding partners.

Please don’t be disheartening those born in Sun Conjuncts Venus have a ball. They are never short of love and romance in their lives and can rely on their large support group and circle of friends. These individuals are your shoulder to cry on, a great listener – caring yet carefree and optimistic above all great to have around.

These positive qualities come into there own when the conjunction is in a sign in which Venus is stronger than the Sun (Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, and Aquarius).

I’d take the characteristics with a pinch of salt, there is always a degree of uncertainty and feel that although I’ve witnessed these traits – to the letter. I believe that merely being aware of the “not yet” can assist in combating the negativity.

Sun Conjunts Venus

Sun Conjunct Venus Transit

When the transitional phase is taking place, people tend to be more social and friendly – loving even, than their usual routine would dictate. This transpires from the aspect and directly affects the ease by which people can make friends, socialize, and form new relations.

Venus is a ruler of money. In this phase, these personalities attract lots of luck in terms of finance and success. This lasts for the duration of the conjunction.

Also, in this phase of transit, people will want to party more, with a slight caveat. If they exaggerate having fun, then it can turn into something negative, so take the time and enjoy or even go with the flow but don’t feel pressured as this can have the same negative effect.

Utilise the benefits of the phase and focus your efforts and abundance of luck into pursuing your career, pleasures, and passions.

During this phase, individuals will strive for more peaceful and harmonious environments; due to the nature of the transit, they will try their best to create one for themselves. All the peace and harmony – closure, or resolve amassed during this phase should last for a lifetime.

It is suggested that all who take advantage of this period will feel more lovable and will come to know their worth.

Final Thoughts

A hopeless romantic – this is probably my favorite phase, as it deals with two of the most fundamental aspects of humanity, Life, and Love. Sun Conjunct Venus occurs on average every eleven months. It lasts from ten to seventy days.

Look forward to it; get your dancing shoes on a crack open a bottle using the time to rekindle, tie up loose ends, or build bridges and form new relationships, this phase is a belter.

Transit Dates:

03-Jun-20 26-Mar-21 08-Jan-22 22-Oct-22 13-Aug-23 04-Jun-24 22-Mar-25 06-Jan-26 11-Aug-27
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