There are 10 Planets in Astrology – Without pointing out the obvious; in this instance, both the Sun and the Moon are referred to as Planets. Astrology began the day humanity looked toward the sky in search of wisdom –

their gaze reaching for the stars in a sense of oh and wonder

Of course, today we have the technology to poke around the sky, our knowledge and definition of planets have significantly changed, but humanity has not entirely abandoned our historical relationship with the cosmos.

After all, do our planets not still bear the names of ancient gods, and do they not cross the skies as they always did? That is why – via Astrology, we even read this movement to seek guidance for life on Earth. 

The following descriptions outline the 2 Luminaries (The Sun and the Moon) – The 3 Inner Planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and the 5 Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto)

The Sun Much like it exists at the center of our solar system, The Sun is the very core of who you are, that is the part of you that remains throughout your whole life.
It represents the very act of being, that constant forcing acting passive and peacefully within you enable you to guide your actions and will allow you to choose your path.
If the Horoscope were your portrait, the Sun would represent the outline of your features, to be filled with the colors of your sign.
The Moon If the Sun is constant and unchanging, the Moon is constant change, never the same for too long; it represents who you are internal.
That is to say, it is the part of your emotional and subjective side; it is less logical, more intuitive, your whims and moods are your Moon for they too appear in different phases and forms.
While the Sun governs your conscious choices, the Moon is that voice that you hear when standing at a high place that says “jump.”
Mercury Much like the god, it borrows its name from Mercury is the planet of Communication and Intellect, which are married in the old art of public speaking.
It is the realm of rationality, perception reason, the main force of those who dedicate themselves to the work of the mind.
The urge to know that curiosity that you’ve had ever since you were a child is also part of its domain.
Venus Love and beauty are the realms of Venus, Roman goddess of love and fourth planet in the zodiac, named so for its bright gleam in the night sky.
Within the bounds of astrology, Venus represents your ability to show affection and admire the beauty. Of course, this also translates into attracting and being admired by others on multiple levels.
It also rules things like money, sex, art, your love life – friendships, it is the planet of pleasure, it also governs what things you are drawn to and obtaining it are.
Mars Red in blood and fury, Mars is not the planet of violence, at least not exclusively so, Mars is the willingness act.
In other words, Mars is the planet that acts first and thinks second, which is what ties it to the warrior’s image, also because it serves as the counterbalance to the harmony of Venus.
Mars directs your sex drive, your aggression, your ambition, and your raw potential to overcome challenges.
Jupiter It is only fitting that the greatest of all planets is a symbol of plenty and growth, being a symbol of good luck and generosity.
Those under Saturn may rejoice in good fortune and walk proudly for success lies ahead, not only that, but you are also progressing towards life’s higher purpose.
If Mercury is intellectual cleverness, Jupiter is philosophical wisdom that is the discernment of good and evil, knowledge on the more significant themes.
Saturn Once thought to be an evil planet and even hell itself within some circles, Saturn sometimes seems to oppose all other planets.
It will deny the love that Venus craves, delay the blessings of Jupiter and hold back the drive of Mars. Therefore it’s not hard to see Saturn as bad energy on the cosmos.
But in truth, he is the one strong enough to keep all other planets in check; he is the heavenly legislator, imposing a break on the energy of other planets.
That is his realm, law, and order, the concept that all things must come within their due time and with moderation.
Uranus A great source of inspiration for creatives is Uranus, and within it, there is a great longing for knowledge of the self (the sun), it’s realm is spontaneity.
By spontaneity, we are referring to the sudden “Eureka!” of Archimedes, or to an artist that is overcome with inspiration, when such things happen, it is due to Uranus’ influence.
Taking a more in-depth look, Uranus also plays a similar function to the moon, being a symbol for change, though more in the sense of disruption of a previous order.
Neptune Otherworldly and mysterious, Neptune does not only govern your dreams, but he is also your thoughts manifest in this side of reality to bestow visions upon the Earth.
It represents one’s willingness to blur the lines and “lose” yourself within your thoughts, to visit those strange worlds.
Neptune governs imagination, but also things that are not quite what they seem; it also signals secrets and great mysteries.
Pluto Commonly associated with Death, Pluto might be erroneously associated with negative things, but Death under this planet means only change, the end of one thing and the beginning of another.
Tied to this sense is also sex, not the sexual drive of Mars, but the sexual act itself that is a part of the great cycle.
Every drastic change that flips the previous status quo on its head is in itself the domain of Pluto, along with every great transformation.

Cosmic Goodness

Planets in Astrology

So – from what I gather, it’s not necessarily the Planets that are the cause of specific events; alternatively, it’s the synchronicity between the movement of the Planets and the events that take place around us – correlation, not causation.

The Planets assist in understanding what’s happening around us but not specifically the driving force of your inner self. We still get the final say, but utilizing the alignments as a guideline may set us on a better path. What do you think?

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  1. I am not only attracted to astrology but I am also attracted to the planets and space in general. I really want to get a telescope one day, when I have a proper place to set it up.

    When you say that it’s the synchronicity between the movement of the planets and the events that take place around us that cause events, is this kind of what Nostradamus believed as well? I don’t know too much about him (another thing I want to look up one day!) but I just briefly watched a special about him on tv recently.

  2. Hi Morgan –

    Nostradamus was a different kettle of fish, but equally as impressive – I guess a Psychic of sorts Nostradamus had a Psychic awakening during his travels through Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

    He then went on to publish a bunch of predictions in the “Centuries,” its a great read – definitely qualifies as a “What If”, I’ll definitely following this up with a post 🙂

  3. In regards to the moon, is this related to when people say the moon is making them crazy? (Don’t know if you have heard that or not).

    • Hi Elle –
      Out of the ordinary behavior during specific Moon cycles have been recorded for what seems like forever.
      Lunatic is an antiquated term referring to a person who is seen as mentally ill, dangerous, foolish, or crazy—conditions once attributed to “lunacy.” The word derives from lunaticus meaning “of the moon” or “moonstruck”. The term was once commonly used in law
      I read an awesome book about the Moon and its effects some time ago “The Lunar Effect: Biological Tides and Human Emotions” by Arnold L. Lieber – check it out 🙂


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