So – not only have I judged every divination book I’ve ever read by its cover, I’ve yet to find a Tarot book I dislike. No matter my competence level, I always find something I can use, and this book is no exception. Tarot Beyond The Basics was way more intense than I had anticipated, even on the second visit.

Throughout my deep dive, I’ve picked up several books, all of which are sprinkled throughout my site. In this instance, we will cover “Tarot Beyond The Basics” by Anthony Louis. I picked up my copy in 2016, a month or so after digested its predecessor, “Tarot Plain and Simple” – bestseller and a perennial favorite.

Tarot Beyond the Basics ticked all the boxes, a comprehensive, complete, and organized research tool. For any budding Tarot Reader, this is a must-have. Once the training wheels are off, get stuck in, and gain a deeper understanding of Tarot.

The most significant selling point for me was that Louis doesn’t confine the knowledge to his expertise, opinions, and understanding – he spreads the wealth; throughout the book, there is a multitude of anecdotes and references from other Tarot authorities.

“Pluto (the Greek god Hades) is associated with divination because it symbolizes the revelation of secret or occult knowledge.”

I was fascinated by how Tarot can enhance the Natal chart, although this isn’t specifically an Astrology book, there are smatterings throughout. Moreover, I especially enjoyed the chapter on the Court Cards, marrying them with the four elements and associated qualities to achieve a deeper understanding of the cards.

History of Tarot Cards

“Tarot Beyond The Basics” has it all. I would certainly wait until you’re comfortable with the basics before tackling this one and or pick it up to post “Tarot Plain and Simple” as a natural progression. Anthony Louis has tonnes of impressive titles covering Astrology and Tarot alike; don’t just stop with these two – Happy Tarot.

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