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Numerology Number Meanings – Number 9 Results


The Number 9 symbolizes the planet Mars and influences people born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month. Number 9 is significant, and the significance of Mars represents aggression. They are known to be fighters in everything they attempt in life. Their strong will, grit, and determination make them successful. People born under Number 9 are known to be hasty in a temper. They are also impulsive and have a desire to be their masters. They are strong-willed and independent and are also known to be furious and radiant.

Number 9 people who are more dominant in the events of their life are found to make great enemies. They often take up fights and are either killed in warfare or the battle of life. They also have great courage and make excellent leaders and soldiers.

They are impulsive, in both word and action, and are affected by great dangers because of their foolhardiness. They are also courageous enough to take risks in life and prefer to be dedicated to their work. They are also capable of facing obstacles with courage.

Strangely enough, Number 8 people are prone to accidents that involve fire or explosions, and they rarely get through life without injury from these causes. They also undergo many operations by the surgeon’s knife during their life.

They often experience quarrels in their home life with their relatives and family.

They have a reasonable opinion of themselves, and they strongly resent criticism. They like to be looked up to and recognized as the head of the family, and they despise any interference with their plans. In case that does not happen, they lose heart and stand aside and let things fall to pieces.

Number 9 people are excellent at organizing and are very resourceful. They would almost do anything for love and affection, which is why men born under this number are often made fools by clever women who can pull their heartstrings.

These people get along well with those born in one of the series of 3, 6, and 9 because these numbers are in harmony to the Number 9 people.

There are several unique properties associated with Number 9. For example, when multiplied by any number, it always reproduces itself. 9 times 3 is 27, which adds up to Number 9.

People born under Number 9 are also considered to be fortunate. Their lucky colors include shades of red and crimson, as well as tones of rose and pink.

The most important days of the week for these people are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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  1. It’s so strange but everything you said about number 9 seems to be true. My brother is born on the 9 and he’s organized, is impulsive, independent, strong-willed and also quite lucky. How can these numbers get it so right? It’s just really amazing to me that you can realize how someone is by the date they were born on.

  2. Hi Denise – Thanks for your comments; I’m a 9.
    The similarities are staggering; have a look at Kick Start Your Numerology Deep Dive – The Basics! work out your Life Path and Destiny Numbers.

  3. I just had so much fun multiplying 9 and all sorts of random numbers… wow it really does add back up! I probably know someone who is born on the 9th, but now I will be most curious to see who on my fb page is born under the number 9… today is the 27th so it’s a perfect time to look ?


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