The Number 7 symbolizes the planet Neptune and represents people born under on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month. These people are especially influenced when born between the periods 21st June to 20th-27th July, also referred to as the ‘House of the Moon.’

Planet Neptune is considered to be associated with the Moon, and since the number of the Moon is always given as a 2, Number 7 people have 2 as their secondary number. These people get on well and make friends easily with those born under the moon numbers that is the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of any month. This is especially true if they are born in the house of the Moon, which is from 21st June to 31st July.

Astro-Numerology: Discover Your Divine Blueprint

Number 7 people are very independent and have strongly marked individuality. By nature, they are known to be restless, and they love to change and travel. If they have the means, they will visit foreign countries and show a keen interest in the affairs of far-off lands. They love to read books and travel and have Universal knowledge of the world.

These people often make outstanding writers, poets, artists, and painters. They also show a unique and philosophical outlook towards life in their work.

number 7

These people generally care little about the material things of life. If they become rich through their original ideas or methods of business, they will make large donations from their wealth to charities.

Women born under Number 7 generally marry well. They are always anxious about their future and look for a rock to rest on before they are swept away by the waters of fate.

Their plans are always good, and they have good business ideas, only if they can carry them out. They usually have a keen desire to travel the world and read a lot of books. They often become interested in matters concerning the sea and will become merchants, exporters, or importers when they do trade or business. If they get the chance, they will become owners or captains of ships.

These people also have very peculiar ideas about religion. They often create a faith of their own that appeals to their imagination because they detest following the beaten track.

Number 7 people have a gift of intuition, and they usually have remarkable dreams. They have a peculiar magnetism of their own that influences others.

Just as in the case of other numbers, these people should carry out their plans that fall on their numbers, such as the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month, especially when these dates fall between 21st June to 20th-27th June till 31st August.

Sunday and Monday are considered to be lucky days of the week for these people. Their lucky colors are all shades of green, white and yellow, as well as pale shades. They should avoid heavy and dark colors as much as possible.

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  1. These all seem right on! My sister is a 7, got married at 25 and she’s 32 now, marriage is strong.


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