Wednesday, January 19, 2022
major arcana

The Major Arcana in Tarot – With Cheat Sheet

Every card in the Major Arcana has a special role, they can represent new experiences, situations - love lives and much more

Loose Leaf Tea Review – Tasseomancy

Over the past three months, I've bought around five teas, bearing in mind the objective was to find a loose leaf tea that I can use for Tasseomancy.
Tarot Facts and Fiction

Tarot Facts And Fiction – 5 Most Popular Questions

Specific questions regarding Tarot Facts and Fiction - I've tried to keep it simple, covering the most commonly asked questions I get during Readings.
minor arcana

Quick Start To The Minor Arcana in Tarot

The Minor Arcana has the closest resemblance to our modern playing cards deck. It contains four suits that correspond to any game playing deck you may have around the house.
Comprehensive Guide To The Zodiac And Tarot

Comprehensive Guide To The Zodiac And Tarot

Despite the almost hegemonic scepticism we find in modern society, humanity has not lost nor weakened its relationship with astrology - Largely because it plays such a fundamental role in shaping how we view the Zodiac and Tarot.
Introduction to Tarot

Practical Introduction to Tarot – The Basics

The word “Tarot” derived from “Trionfi” in the early 15th century and referred to a set of playing cards.
How To Cleanse Tarot Cards

5 Simple Methods To Cleanse Tarot Cards

There are several techniques to Cleanse Tarot Cards and eliminate negativity - Choose the method that suits you best.
How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards – 4 Simple Techniques

Before shuffling the Tarot Cards, take a moment to reflect and relax – reading tarot is all about perception. In this state, your instinct will help you choose the perfect cards for your situation.

The Art Of Tasseography – Storm In A Tea Cup

Derived from the Arabic word "Tassa," which, in its literal sense, means a cup, the graphy is a Greek suffix which refers to a graphy or writing. So, when we combine both of the words as "tasseography," it refers to writing in the cup.